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When we are doing yoga exercises, we must choose a good yoga mat to assist. Maybe some friends will say: “Can I just use a blanket or a child’s climbing mat?”. This can only mean that you don’t know much about yoga, and you don’t know much about your body.
       Each product produced has its own purpose. The blanket is used to cover and spread. The premise is that you don’t do some fierce movements. If you crawl on the blanket and walk again, you can see that your blanket will change. What is it like, if you do the protection of the spine, will you feel pain?
       If you use climbing mats, the climbing mats are usually pieced together. When you do the movements, these climbing mats will separate again. Do you have to put them together again? Are you still in the mood to practice your yoga at this time?
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Benefits of using tpe yoga mat:

       Role of the TPE yoga mat has been replaced with an anti-slip agent, and it has also been targeted to a certain degree of protection. Squeeze.
       For example, when we are doing tiger pose, only one hand and one leg are on the ground, and the others must be lifted up to maintain balance. If you have done this action, you will truly understand that your TPE yoga mat brings you What happened?
       And you will have higher requirements for your own TPE yoga mat, with sufficient thickness, strong anti-slip, and good sweat absorption. This is why many yoga enthusiasts are constantly looking for TPE yoga mats that suit them.
       TPE yoga mat is a double tool, it is also a protection tool for the body, allowing you to target injuries, better protect your spine pedicles and other joints, and also let you get a healthier body.

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